Shallow Love

So…hey! I started a blog!

I find that often I have way too many words floating around in my head or my journal that I just don’t know what to do with, so I decided that I would create a space for sharing them. I am a songwriter as well, but there is no way I could say everything that I want to in that format, so here we are.

Recently I have been thinking about love.

You probably have something your mind automatically jumps to when you read that word. It could be a person, a place, a movie, a food…who knows. But my thoughts during the past few weeks have been about love in its deepest, most honest sense. Let me explain what I mean.

In my observations, our culture has adopted a very shallow and meaningless definition of love. It is one of those words that you hear thrown around every single day. “I love this pizza,” or “I love going to the mall.” With our political climate currently, I have also heard love being tossed around as a word simply meaning acceptance or tolerance. That is not the fullness of what true love is.

Loving someone does not mean that you have to condone what they do. If I had gotten pregnant when I was 16 years old, my family would be disappointed in me for making some poor choices, but they would NEVER stop loving me. When a friend hurts you, you get upset with them but that doesn’t mean you stop loving them. Love is sacrifice, commitment, rooted in truth, and strongly present even amidst disagreement, failure, and pain. But according to the culture we live in, in order to love someone means to shut up and pretend like everything they do is right, and every sin they commit is not sinful.

We need to stop minimizing what Jesus did and what grace means by minimizing the depth of what love is. 

What makes the Jesus kind of love so powerful? It is powerful because it is different. That kind of love doesn’t say, “I don’t see all your junk, I just ignore it…so that means I love and accept you.” Instead it says, “I see all your junk, I call it what it is, and I love you ANYWAY.” You know what is powerful about the Jesus’ love? He was tortured and murdered to take my sin, and everyday of my life I do something to fall short of that sacrifice. Yet He loves me still.

He knew what kind of love that would take. It would take a kind of love that could forgive the wrong we do, not pretend like that wrong doesn’t exist. God’s word is truth. The only truth we will ever be able to find or know. So we must stop minimizing it! We must stop watering it down to appear more “loving.” That is not love. That’s fake.

Love looks at failure and says, “I choose to love you anyway.” Love is not some shallow form of a cultural acceptance. That is a warped view of one of the greatest gifts that God has given to humanity. We must stand up for honest, loyal, committed, forgiving, unconditional, tough, real, hard, uncompromising love…the kind of love that is pure like white…not a fading gray that mixes in with the rest of the gray, intangible concepts that are watered down by  the culture we live in.

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