Sodium Glow.

Label support and services in a post-label world.

As an artist, you have spent countless hours honing your craft, sharpening your skills, developing your chops, and exploring what it means to you to be an artist. You have done everything you know to get the word out and get in front of people to find those you hope will be your audience. We know.

The days when you had to rely on the blessing of the corporate gate-keepers to get noticed and to get your music heard are long gone. However, the burden of making sure WHAT you put in front of that audience is the best it can possibly be falls entirely to the artist in most cases. Things that labels traditionally provide for the artists such as production, A & R support, distribution, and publicity items like videos and websites are more than most independent artists can manage, and in most cases fall outside the skillset that most artists have worked so hard to develop.

Let Sodium Glow help you.


Our services - at a glance

Sodium Glow can provide the following artist services, in packages or a la carte, for musical creatives wanting to take serious “next steps:”

Music Production - from basic to full arrangements

Song-writing feedback and support (A & R)



Artist Development/Branding



Video production

Website/social media design and coordination

Our goal is to put the stepping stones you need in place, to help you complete the path from where you are to where you want to be.


Do something tasteful; something brilliant


You have dedicated yourself to your artistry; but dreams without plans will remain dreams.

Let Sodium Glow help make your dream a reality.